Mar 092013

Describe a personal experience and how it has influenced who you are today. This essay should have a personal rather than a professional focus. (500 words max)

My sister, younger to me by two years, is very close to me. As kids, we always did things together. We went to the school and college, chose similar fields of specializations, and moved to the same city for work. We had the same interests, and even the same group of friends. In short, we were like soul sisters.

About three years ago, though, things started to change. She met someone she liked, and after a brief courtship, got married to him. Naturally, she moved out to set up her own, new, family. For the first time in my life, I felt alone. Although I still had my friends, it didn’t quite fill the void. Perhaps because it was so new to me, I started blaming my sister for my loneliness. I started behaving indifferently with her, and turned down opportunities for socialization with her and her husband. She sensed my attitude, and stopped reaching out. Gradually we drifted apart.

About a year ago, my sister had her baby boy. I called and wished my sister – more due to my mom’s insistence than anything else – and actually felt good to talk to her. After all the time, I could still relate to her easily; it was clear that she too felt the same. I traveled to her home for the baby’s naming ceremony and was really surprised by the genuinely warm welcome she and her husband gave me. What I witnessed over the next few days truly transformed me from within.

Perhaps like any other older sibling, I had always been protective of my sister. In those few days, I realized that my sister had taken on the same role that I had when we were younger. I saw my sister carefully attend to her baby boy. She was sensitive to the baby’s needs, meticulous about everything she did for him and zealously protective, even from close relatives. Yet, she was also able to efficiently handle all the household chores, look after the comfort of guests, and still find time for critical office work. I realized that my sister had become much more mature and responsible than I had ever been.

This realization immediately made me take charge of my own life. I understood that it is up to me to find the ability and commitment to balance the various aspects of my life. I adopted yoga and meditation to bring more awareness of my capabilities and weakness, and resolved to address the latter meticulously. I started calling up and visiting my parents regularly. In the office, I started proactively asking for new projects and embracing opportunities to contribute to other projects that I wasn’t part of.

As a direct result of those events, today I have significantly stepped up my responsibility at work and home, I am more caring towards my parents, and am making a conscious effort to be more mature and sensitive in my relationship with my boyfriend. I guess I can already see the results – after months of vacillation, last week he proposed to me!

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Mar 022013

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Feb 232013

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