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Thank you for providing such an in-depth review on my essay. The review comments were detailed and relevant. I will certainly work on them to make my essay better for my future applications.

 - Shubham, Apr 2012, India


That was a quick response and very detailed and thorough. After reading your review ,i think i will be more comfortable if you do the editing/writing for me

- Uzor, Feb 2012, USA


Thank you so much for all of your feedback! It is almost impossible to get honest feedback from friends and family....This is amazing

- Josh, Mar 2012, USA


Thank you so much for your comments, they are deeply appreciated. I've re-written the essay taking your advice into account

- Richard, Aug 2012, USA


Thanks a lot for such wonderful and swift comments. I understand your point and will take care of that

- Sudhir, Aug 2012, India


I am delighted to see your analysis and comments.I will provide my thoughts in response to your comments so that you can advise me on how to eliminate the glitches in the essay.

Following this, I request you to edit the essay so that it will provide me a  good understanding of how my goals can be presented in a powerful and unique manner.

- Gopal, Aug 2012, India


Thanks for taking time to review my essay. Based on your suggestions and inputs, I have tried to make changes to the existing essay. I will be glad if you could once again evaluate my essay and let me know if i am treading the right path.

- Vivek, Dec 2012, USA

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